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Important announcement – Friday 27th March

COVID-19 update: Considering the government guidelines to combat Coronavirus we have adapted the way we work:

Auctions: Our SYNETIQ auctions currently remain open as a large part of our team can manage the online activity remotely and safely. Please sign into your account to check the changes we have made during this period, including waiving storage fees and new opening times.

Parts: We have temporarily closed all our parts counters and call centres but are still selling parts safely via our online eBay store; please click the link to take you to the right page.

Vehicle recycling services: DEFRA class us as key workers so we need to keep our vehicle recycling services happening safely behind closed doors to support our key Police, Insurance and Fleet customers during this challenging time.

If you have a query please contact us on our new live chat facility or via social media messaging (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn). We will keep you posted as and when anything changes.

Thanks for your support, the SYNETIQ team

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