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We're now closed for the May bank holiday, re-opening on Tuesday 26th May. If you're looking for parts, you can still order via our website and Ebay store.

Have a lovely long weekend and please stay safe.

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Sell your vehicle

Motorhog offer the best prices. Get your FREE, instant, no obligation quote today.

Online auction

Online 24/7 bidding on salvage from across the UK. Easy registration process, start bidding today. We also have a Police Auction with no registration fees required to bid.

Parts and breakers

There are 102,020 parts, 328 part sets, 5,990 breaking vehicles available. We also have wheels and tyres for sale.

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Online Salvage Auction

Salvage auction

We have a huge range of 2,137 vehicles available in our online salvage auction. Don't miss deals, browse the list and start bidding today.

Full registration benefits

Full registration gives you access to 2,137 vehicles
You can bid on any vehicle on auction
Full access to all police and non-police auctions
Annual subscription starts at £50

Police auction

Did you know Motorhog has a free to use Police Auction? There are 108 vehicles available, start bidding today.

Free registration benefits

Free registration gives you access to 108 vehicles
You can bid on police auction vehicles only
You can upgrade your account to full

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